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Block Paving Cleaning Lancashire

Block paving has been chosen as a replacement surface for driveways, patios and paving for over 20 years. The material looks absolutely fantastic when first laid but soon becomes faded, discoloured, dirty and ridden with moss and algae with the ravages of weather and time.

The exterior look can be recovered however when cleaned properly by a professional. Block paving is porous and susceptible to the retention of dirt and algae over time. There are now plenty of cleaning agents and systems which can flush out the dirt, remove the algae and inhibit future growth.

Block paving cleaning can be performed with hot or cold water, under high or low pressure depending on the extent of the deterioration. In addition there are several solvents, degreasers and cleaning agents which will remove oil, paint, tar, road traffic film, stains and discolourations.

Most consumers purchase block paving for the maintnenance-free element. Unfortunately unless the paving is specially sealed it will continue to attract dirt and weed growth. The application of purpose manufactured sealants is a fairly inexpensive procedure and when combined with resanding will deter soiling and the re-emergence of unwanted moss, lichen and algae.

Elite Driveways are the block paving cleaning in Lancashire specialists. They are now able to offer a unique extra treatment to your paving. The additive is a breakthrough anti-bacterial solution that will kill all moss, lichens and algae on contact. Even better because the solution is impregnated into the seal itself, it has a residual life which will stop all furute growth of these unwanted plants.

For a full quotation for all your bock paving cleaning in the Lancashire area just call 01706 831 248.


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  Block paving cleaning Lancashire. High pressure cleaning machinery with 'Dirt Buster' attachment.Block paving cleaning Lancashire. Block soiled with dirt, moss and weed growth.Block paving cleaning Lancashire. Block fully cleaned, restored and sanded.Block paving cleaning Lancashire.  Block soiled with weeds, dirt and oil.Block paving cleaning Lancashire. Block fully cleaned and restored.

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