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Driveways are not only functional but they also serve an aesthetic to any home. Most driveways lead to the main entrance of the house and it is the first thing that visitors will see when entering your abode, except for the fence of course if you have one.

Mansions have very elaborate driveways not only to impress visitors but also to serve as a preparatory view to the center masterpiece which is the house itself. But even average-sized homes can invest in an aesthetic and functional driveway to give character to the house.

There are different kinds of driveways and you can choose a design and material depending of course on your tastes and your budget. There are driveways made of asphalt or concrete. There are elaborately-designed driveways and there are very simple ones.

However you have to check with the local authorities before building your driveway because there may be rules to follow or specific building codes to adhere to. A circular type of driveway is recommended for those who have a big space and who live in a high-traffic area for easy backing purposes. However you can also choose a one-way driveway if the space is limited.

The trend now among average-sized houses and even the very big houses is to go for patterned driveways. Patterned driveways can give the house a character that may be well worth the expenses involved.

If you want a patterned driveway made of concrete with imprints then you should browse the Internet for sites that will offer you different designs for that specific driveway type. Make sure that the company you will do business with is willing to go to your house and show you the different samples for patterned driveways.

It is best to require an agent or designer to visit your house so he can see the exact location and shape of your driveway. This will give him more basis when recommending a certain type of patterned driveway. He will be able to picture out exactly how your driveway will appear after a specific type of driveway is constructed.

Patterned driveways can come in a variety of colors and patterns and you should ask your local agent for actual samples before deciding on which one you will be using for your driveway.

The design and color you will use for your driveway will influence the way your driveway will look like taken the size and the design of your home. So choose the best company that can offer you patterned driveways. A company who will take the time to visit your home and have its people personally evaluate the right design and material for your driveway.


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This Driveway in Cheshire shows how time, care and proffessionalism gets the job right..looking good and ready to last a life time.

after responding to a phone call from northwich cheshire for a driveway reseal i took a ride back to cheshire i looked at the driveway and it was not dejavue we had installed this driveway some twelve years previous the driveway seal had faded but the drive it self was perefect like the day it was printed the pattern and coulor where  perfect

so we resealed the driveway and revived the drive so well that the owners son decided to have his driveway installation done in pattern imprinted concrete ashlar print cream plattinum siliver his neighbour deceided to speak to our cheshire driveway designer for a driveway quote the driveway design was grand ashlar and was installed in cream with classic grey DRIVEWAY CHESHIRE PAVING

If your driveway is looking tired and jaded, and you're looking for something different, why not talk to Elite Driveways and discover the possibilities of a simple and rewarding home improvement idea.
CHESHIRE paved driveway   paved driveway   CHESHIREr paved driveway
Elite Driveways can transform your old worn concrete or tarmac driveway into a beautiful and stylish individual creation , illuminating your home and garden and adding value to any property.

Driveway Paving need not be costly. We work across the Manchester region paving and concreting for many happy customers. Please see our portfolio of driveway paving's and resurfacing.


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