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   colour hardener and color hardeners for colouring concrete we  supply driveway installers throughout the uk and europe with colours for staining concrete and also the release agent for secondary color .for pattern imprinted concrete installers and suppliers you can collect or we can arange delivery to your door or driveway installation colour hardeners come in a vast range range for colours and shades we have colour hardeners in 38 new colours and are ready to export world wide

colour hardener is simple to apply.Colour hardener for coloured concrete
Application for pattern imprinted concrete
Firstly pour and level air entrained fibercrete which is the original American standard for stamped concrete or pattern imprinted concrete, after concrete is level using bull floats and maybe a roller bug
To bring the fat of the concrete to the surface the fat being the moist fines of cement fibres and sand
Throw or broadcast your chosen colour hardener over the concrete and leave for fifteen mins float with smooth floats and fresno float   edging tools also.25 kilos of colour hardener should cover 20square meters there will be some curing time depending on cement content of the concrete and weather or temperature
Once the coloured concrete has cured sufficiently we can then use the release agents this procedure
As a two fold effect on the stamping process , again you throw or broadcast the releasing agent over the coloured concrete you are now ready to stamp or imprint you concrete the first effect of the release agent is to allow the three dimensional printing or stamping mats to be released from the suction of the damp coloured concrete the second effect of the release is to antique the concrete I.E it gives us a secondary colour the harder the stamping or printing the darker the release will take to the coloured concrete you now have to wait for the concrete to cure once cured , we can then wash off the release using a soft brush and soft detergent for a more thorough wash you could use acid wash .you now can install crack control or expansion joints must be cut into the concrete at aprox 3 meters length and width of the slab and three point five inches deep, dry the concrete and seal using acrylic seal plus xyelne based thinners
Add anti slip for extra grip under foot[ copy right Wayne Freeman elitedriveways]

to order colour hardener or more info on colour hardeners phone complete driveway supplies

01706 22 82 62 for colour hardener advice  and colour hardener price uk and europe

PIC products include a totally comprehensive range of everything you need to produce the highest quality installation

colour hardeners and release agents have been developed on-site. Pigment density is at the top of the scale which with the introduction of unique additive create a rich deep surface with one application.
The result is guaranteed consistence in minimum time
Sealants have the highest strength specification producing a tough protection that will outlast everything on the market

With the complete range in stock we offer next day delivery to your site saving you time and expense.

colour hardeners are blended from specially selected aggregates and portland cements.

concrete colour hardeners lancashire

colour hardener from £10.50p per 25 kilo bags

steadman buff classic grey concrete colour hardeners specialiststeadman buff choclate colour hardenerstudor brown clissic grey colour hardener and release

classic grey colour hardenercharcole colour hardenertile red colour hardener driveway supplies

Pecan Tan colour hardener ari tan colour hardener Steadman colour hardener Champagne Pink colour hardener Sunbake colour hardener Cotswald Sandstone colour hardener Dark Brown colour hardener Biscuit colour hardener Mahogany colour hardener Russett colour hardener Terracotta colour hardener Dark Red colour hardener Brick Red colour hardener Tile Red colour hardener Terracotta colour hardener Walnut colour hardener plum colour hardener Jet Black colour hardener Charcoal colour hardener Classic Grey colour hardener Basalt colour hardener Platinum colour hardener Slate Blue colour hardener Slate Green colour driveway suppliesdriveway supplies

elitedriveways coloursdriveway supplies  
driveway suppliesdriveway supplies  

driveway supplies

paving sealants driveway seal comes in gloss driveway seal mat paving seal and high gloss paving seal 25 liters  from £60 this seal

can be used to seal concrete paving block paving seal  patio sealing and is ready to use you can also re seal your paving

cream colour hardener


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