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driveways imprinted concrete driveway problems

imprinted concrete driveways manchester lancashire and cheshire, we at elite driveways undertake private domestic and commercial driveway projects no matter what your driveway problems ,you should consider a concrete driveway as a permanent solution for driveways patio or paths imprinted concrete

is a versatile low maintenance hard warring option for your driveway or patio it comes in an array of colors patterns and designs to suit any paving situation. having been in the concrete road form industry since 1976 and installing pattern imprinted concrete from 1982 long before rubber mats

for pattern imprinting concrete where invented we had to use steel moulds,  but as the pattern imprinting of concrete has developed so have we to be the northwest pattern imprint concrete installers no matter what pattern imprint you choose the process is always the same and so is the price however some need greater excavation  more muck shift and sub base the concrete should be at the very least 100 mil deep as should be the sub base for concrete imprinting which costs time and money as do imprinted steps ramps drains cables and lighting now then  under your concrete imprinted driveway maybe bt cables gas water even sewers or electric is this a problem for the future

not really as the concrete imprint driveway can be cut out in sections usually to the nearest expansion joint,  expansion joint you ask? this is a cut into the concrete imprint and should be around 3 meters apart to cope with the expansion and or contraction of imprinted concrete layman's terms it stops concrete cracking wich could be a do you put the driveway back this is called a cold joint repair and there are only a few concrete imprinters with the experience knowledge and skills to cope, no problems for us there having worked with most major insurance company's and utility civil engineers. So if you have a imprinted concrete driveway problems your on the right page  other problems for pattern imprinted concrete ring the north west pattern concrete  specialest elite driveways

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